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Become a Constant Companion, our monthly donor club 🐾

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Gemma, a fluffy cat with big green eyes arrived at JHS with a painful, ulcerated mass on the right side of her neck and extremely matted fur. Our veterinary team quickly created a proper medical plan to ensure Gemma received the necessary care that she desperately needed. Gemma's mass was removed with no further complications and we were able to increase her comfort by removing her mats.

Thanks to donors like you, she also received her vaccinations, microchip, and spay surgery. Once Gemma’s mass was removed, she was an entirely new cat! She enjoyed pets and would greet everyone she met with a gentle purr and warm embrace. Gemma was quickly adopted and now spends most of her days relaxing on the couch with her favorite human.

Like Gemma, every dog or cat who comes to our door receives veterinary care. It might be routine wellness or specialized care, but it's only possible with help from a Constant Companion... like you.

As a Constant Companion, you can set up an auto-donation for each month and ensure that your impact continues all year! You will also receive consistent updates from a pet who benefited from your loving gift and be among the first to hear about JHS news, updates and events.

Questions? Call Marin at 904.493.4568.

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*For more information on our Leadership Giving Society, please click here. Recognition begins at the $1,000 donation mark.