Sign up and join us as a Constant Companion – our monthly donor club  image

Sign up and join us as a Constant Companion – our monthly donor club

A little gift goes a long way!

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Be a constant companion for homeless pets!

When Harper first arrived at JHS, it was clear that she needed our help. She was underweight and suffering from heartworms - a preventable but deadly disease.

Thanks to loving donations, Harper received the care she needed to eliminate heartworms. She was also spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Soon, she found a loving family to take her home. Harper's new family says she is a "dream dog" and it's all thanks to you!

Like Harper, every dog or cat who comes to our door receives veterinary care. It might be routine wellness or specialized care, but it's only possible with help from a constant companion... like you.

This is your chance to be a constant companion and make a lifesaving impact in the lives of animals every day. As a club member, you can set up an auto-donation for each month and ensure that your impact continues all year!

There is a level for every budget. Each donation can provide services like:

  • Your gift of $100/month will provide specialized surgery for a homeless pet in a life threatening situation. You will also be recognized in our Leadership Giving Society at this level!*
  • Your gift of $75/month will spay or neuter 18 pets to stop the cycle of accidental litters.
  • Your gift of $25/month can provide prescription medicine to 6 dogs or cats with special needs.
  • Your gift of $10/month will vaccinate a litter of 5 puppies or kittens to protect them from life-threatening diseases.

As a constant companion, you will receive a quarterly update from a pet who benefited from your loving gift and be among the first to hear about JHS news, updates and events.

Questions? Call us at 904.493.4566.

Generosity breeds joy! Sign up to be a Constant Companion today.

*For more information on our Leadership Giving Society, please click here. Recognition begins at the $1,000 donation mark.