Focus on the Paw-sitive

Your loving donation will keep pets and families together.

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Your loving donation will keep pets and families together.

Who Says You Can’t Focus on the Paw-sitive to Help Others Enjoy Life with Their Pet?

In 2019, JHS had a 95% save rate and the city of Jacksonville as a whole had a 92% save rate thanks to a community that shares our values. So,

  • if you’re like us and you believe that pets and people belong together
  • and you want to create a brighter future for families ...

then, take action today!

Your loving donation will help keep pets in the homes with people who love them through our wide variety of free and low-cost services. When a neighbor is in need, JHS is here to help. You can be, too.

Our goal is to raise $24,000 in 24 hours on July 24th to continue creating paw-sitive solutions for pets in Jacksonville. Will you consider a gift to help us meet our goal?

For all they give to us, give something back today.

Lisa, a white dog with a sweet smile, arrived at JHS in the arms of a concerned neighbor. Lisa's dad, Jim, had a stroke and was hospitalized. Lisa was Jim's pride and joy. The neighbor had tried keeping Lisa for a few days but his own pets would not accept Lisa in the home. Worried, he turned to JHS. Could we help?

With support from our donors, we were able to provide Lisa with safe boarding while her dad recovered. She was also spayed and given vaccinations. Knowing that Lisa was being cared for and that she would be waiting for him gave her dad the strength to recover. Focusing on the positive made a world of difference. We were able to reunite them after nine days apart.

Lisa and her dad on the day they were reunited!

The donation you make today will ensure that pets like Lisa and people like Paul have a place to turn when things get tough. Will you give today to help them Focus on the Pawsitive and stay together?